Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


Profession-led regulation is the regulation of a profession by its members. The regulatory body is accountable for ensuring members are competent in providing the services that society has entrusted to them. Individual members are personally accountable for their professional nursing practice through adherence to the code of ethics, practice standards and maintaining competence.

The SRNA, established in 1917, is the profession-led regulatory body for the province’s RNs and RN(NP)s. 

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The SRNA is governed by a Council of 13 people: 9 elected RNs (President, President-Elect and 7 members-at-large); 3 appointed public representatives; and the Executive Director. The SRNA Council governs in accordance with the Act and is accountable to the public. The SRNA Council carries out it's responsibilities using the principles of policy governance. This includes articulating a mission, making policy and sustaining a vision. Membership in the SRNA includes membership in the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the International Council of Nurses (ICN).


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