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The Prescription Review Program is a prescription monitoring program that is educationally based and monitors for apparent inappropriate prescribing and inappropriate use of all PRP medications in the province. Leland Sommer, the Nurse Practitioner Consultant, works collaboratively with the PRP program in the monitoring of RN(NP) prescribing of PRP drugs.

The Program has the ability to review all PRP medications, which can be found in SRNA Bylaws Section 4(2), that have been filled in the province. The Program sends out alert letters to prescribers when possible misuse of PRP medications is identified. When apparent inappropriate prescribing and/or use of a medication is identified, an explanation is required from the prescriber for the diagnosis, indications for use, and medical rationale for prescribing and whether appropriate safeguards are in place as outlined by Canadian standards and guidelines to prevent potential misuse. Based on the responses, utilization of the Canadian standards and guidelines for the prescribing of these medications, recommendations are presented to the prescriber for consideration of possible management changes. As the Program is part of the regulatory and licensing body for the province, the prescriber is obligated under legislation to respond to these inquiries.

The authorities of the Prescription Review Program are identified within the Regulatory Bylaws of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.


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