Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


The following is an excerpt from The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 which relates to the RN(NP).

Subject to any conditions or restrictions on the nurse's licence, a registered nurse who meets the requirements set out in the bylaws may, in accordance with the bylaws:

  1. order, perform, receive and interpret reports of screening and diagnostic tests that are designated in the bylaws;
  2. prescribe and dispense drugs in accordance with the bylaws;
  3. perform minor surgical and invasive procedures that are designated in the bylaws;
  4. diagnose and treat common medical disorders.


Find a copy of the corresponding bylaws related to RN(NP).

* Please note: 

  • Bylaw V-Registration, Section (2) and (3)
  • Bylaw V.1-Continuing Competence
  • Bylaw VI-Categories of Practice, Section 3
  • Bylaw VII-Fees, Section 2
  • Bylaw VIII-Examinations, Section 2
  • Bylaw XIV-Code of Ethics of the Association, Section 1
  • Bylaw XV-Standards, Competencies and Nursing Education Program Approval, Section 1