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Family Physicians & NPs Collaborative Statement CPSS, NPOS, SANP, SCFP, SMA, SRNA, 2016

Guidelines for Physician to RN Delegation SRNA, 2016

Guidelines for RN(NP)s Completing Medical Certificate of Death & Medical Certificate of Stillbirth SRNA, 2016

Medical Assistance in Dying SRNA Guideline Documents SRNA, 2016

RN Specialty Practices: Employer Guidelines SRNA, 2016

RN Specialty Practices: RN Guidelines SRNA, 2016

Ethics Guidelines for Industry Sponsorships SRNA, 2015

Medication Management for RNs: A Patient Centred Decision-making Framework SRNA, 2015

• Questions and Answers for Medication Management

Saskatchewan Immunization Manual eHealth, 2015

What Is a Registered Nurse? SRNA, 2015

Collaborative Guiding Principles RPNAS,SALPN, AND SRNA, 2014

Triaging in Emergency Departments SRNA and SALPN Joint Statement, 2013

Cosmetic Procedures SRNA NewsBulletin, 2012

Guidelines for Graduate Nurse Practice SRNA Document, 2012

RN(NP) Patient Referrals to Specialists Ministry of Health, 2012

Self-Employed Practice: Guidelines for Registered Nurses SRNA, 2012

InfoLaw Social Media CNPS, 2012

Becoming a Registered Nurse in Saskatchewan: Requisite Skills and Abilities SRNA, 2011

Documentation Guidelines SRNA, 2011

Ethics In Action SRNA, 2011

Specialized Procedures in Personal Care Homes Ministry of Health, 2011 

Transfusion Resource Manual Ministry of Health, 2011

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses CNA, 2008

Guidelines for Approved RN Practice SRNA, 2008

Guidelines for Approved RN(NP) Practice SRNA, 2014

Tools for Resolving Professional Practice Issues SRNA, 2008

Embracing Cultural Diversity in Health Care: Developing Cultural Competence, RNAO 2007






Position Statements



Profession-Led Regulation SRNA Position Statement, 2014

Public Representation and Participation in Health Regulatory Decision Making SRNA Position Statement, 2014

24 Hour Registered Nurse Coverage SRNA Position Statement, 2011

International Council of Nurses (ICN) Position Statements

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Position Statements

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Best Practice Guidelines





Scope of Practice Statements


The Roles and Responsibilities for RNs Working in Long-term Care SRNA, 2015

The Roles and Responsibilities for RNs Working with Cardiac Monitoring SRNA, 2015



Ask A Practice Advisor



Can RNs in Saskatchewan Assist With and/or Administer Medical Cannabis? SRNA NewsBulletin, 2017

Medical Assistance in Dying SRNA NewsBulletin, 2017

RN Clinical Educators - Foundational Knowledge for Safe Teaching & Patient Care  SRNA NewsBulletin, 2017

Influenza Season is Around the corner – Are you Prepared? SRNA NewsBulletin, 2016

Floating to Another Unit SRNA NewsBulletin, 2016

Do GNs Have the Same Scope of Practice as RNs? SRNA NewsBulletin, 2015

Leadership and Professional Practice SRNA NewsBulletin, 2015

Working Collaboratively with Non-Nurse Managers SRNA NewsBulletin, 2015

Delegation of Medications to Unregulated Care Providers SRNA NewsBulletin, 2014

How to Describe the RN Role SRNA NewsBulletin, 2014

RNs Leading Change SRNA NewsBulletin, 2014

Collaborative Emergency Centres SRNA NewsBulletin, 2013

RN Accountability and Responsibility for Client Care SRNA NewsBulletin, 2013

Social Media and Professional Registered Nurses: Can They Mix SRNA NewsBulletin, 2012

What are my Responsibilities as a Supervising Registered Nurse SRNA NewsBulletin, 2012

What Is My Responsibility As An RN Working With Unregulated Care Providers SRNA NewsBulletin, 2012




Toolkit for Managers of RNs