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Enhanced Continuing Competence Program (CCP)

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) has also been enhanced. Based on member feedback and best practices, you will find the 2013 CCP document more user-friendly. We are providing addtitional tools to help the program be more user friendly and meaningful to your professional practice.



Continuing Competence Manual



RN Personal Assessment Form

RN(NP) Personal Assessment Form

RN(AAP) Personal Assessment Form


You may choose one of the following forms or create your own:

Example Feedback 1

Example Feedback 2

Example Feedback 3


Learning Plan


Evaluation Form


Other Information

Learning Opportunities

NurseOne Message

Continuing Competence Presentation 2014

 Competency Concepts

 CCP and New Authority to Prescribe CDSA



A Member's Perspective of Continuing Competence