Changing Mandate

As of January 2020, the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association’s (SRNA) Council is pleased to share the unanimous decision to strengthen the pillars of nursing by moving towards a single mandate and support the establishment of an independent association for registered nursing in Saskatchewan. This move to a separate association is a proactive approach in recognition of the need for a strong advocacy voice for the profession. Having a clearly defined third pillar in registered nursing will help ensure regulatory excellence, bring clarity to the work of an independent association and strengthen the profession of registered nursing overall.

Voices in Action: A Time for Resilience & Reinvention

In response to the recent spread of COVID-19, the SRNA has decided to postpone all in-person events indefinitely, including the 2020 Conference on May 6, 2020. However, we are currently looking into ways that we can facilitate the annual meeting virtually as currently scheduled on May 7. More information available here.

The Three Pillars of Nursing

The three pillars of nursing are the regulatory pillar, the association pillar and the union pillar. The regulatory pillar acts on behalf of the PUBLIC to ensure nurses provide safe competent care. The association pillar acts on behalf of NURSING to advance the profession and influence health and social policy. The union acts on behalf of NURSES primarily to secure salary, benefits and working conditions.

How to get Involved?

We hope to identify champions of this grassroots movement, so if you’re interested in being involved, please email us at or call us at (306) 359-4200. 

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