Proposed Bylaw Changes 2018

This year's proposed bylaw changes focus on administrative bylaws, SRNA elections, use of the title and the Standards and Competencies for Registered Nurses with Additional Authorized Practice, the Prescription Review Program, the Code of Ethics for the Association, and a bylaw that will enable RN(NP)s to prescribe drug therapeutics for opioid use disorder and methadone for pain management.

All SRNA members who attend the Annual Meeting on May 3rd, 2018 will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed bylaw changes. We encourage all SRNA members to become informed about the proposed bylaw changes and to attend the annual meeting to cast their vote.  Your voice matters!

If you have questions about any of the proposed bylaw changes, please contact Donna Marin at 1-800-667-9945 ext 237, or




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