SRNA Council Election

SRNA Members elect their peers to the association’s Council annually through an online voting process in the month leading up to the Annual Meeting.

Elections for SRNA Council Member positions are staggered so that a few positions come up every year. Any SRNA member can run for election to council as long as they meet the requirements for the position they seek. Interested individuals are encouraged to put their names forward to the SRNA Nominations Committee. Following the election, newly elected members are announced at the Annual Meeting.

Member-at-Large (3-year term) – Region 3 (formerly Prairie North & Prince Albert Parkland Health Regions)


Joanne Petersen, RN

Stephanie Beauchesne, RN

I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought to be distilled into actions which bring results. - Florence Nightingale.

Nurses act with the increased complexity of care in our facilities, acting becomes more challenging. Issues that seem relevant to nursing in Prince Albert and Prairie North are Mental Health and Addictions. Not only are the patients complex medically, they are also complex socially and emotionally.

Personally, I want to understand our governing body and help support our membership to function at their best by listening to their needs and supporting nurses in their daily leadership and management of complex patient care.

In 1990, I received my BSN from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and have practiced in Med/Surg, Nursing Station, Pediatrics and First Nations Governance. Today, I teach Practical Nursing with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and BSN with U of S, continuing to take students in the clinical area to stay connected to nursing practice.

Joanne Petersen, RN

Dr. S. Lynn Jansen, RN PhD

I obtained a BSN and MN from the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing and completed a doctorate at Western University in London, Ontario. My practical action knowledge translation research involves working with diverse inter-professional teams, health care recipients, families and communities for chronic care management. My practice of almost four decades is based in rural community, long-term care and policy roles. Recently, leadership roles as Associate Dean College of Nursing Regina and Yorkton Campus and currently as the Assistant Dean Prince Albert and Northern Campus have supported development of new campus structures for distributive urban and rural education. I am passionate about educational innovations for a representative health care workforce and attention to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action. I am a member of the SRNA Registration and Membership Committee. My voice on SRNA Council will attend to capacity development and diversity within rural and remote nursing.

Dr. S. Lynn Jansen, RN Phd Candidate Video for Member-at-Large Position

Joanne Petersen, RN

Ronda Zinger, RN

I have been a Registered Nurse for 28 years and have worked in all areas of acute care. Most recently, I worked for six years under the Quality Improvement Program as a clinical nurse educator. In addition, since February of 2018, I have been the nursing manager of the Connected Care Unit at the Lloydminster Hospital. I graduated from SIAST and later completed my undergraduate degree through Athabasca University.

For the past three years, I have served as an SRNA council member. This experience has enhanced my knowledge of the importance of self-regulation by advocating for the public interest and ensuring safe nursing practice in the province of Saskatchewan. Safety of our patients/clients is one of my utmost priorities.

There has been tremendous growth in the SRNA with the development of Additional Authorized Practice, advancing RN practice with RN Specialty Practice and the advancement in the practice of RN(NP). If elected, I look forward to advancing the practice of nursing in Saskatchewan even more!

I believe in collaboration with all of the nursing bodies as well as other health care professionals and look forward to working with all key partners to enhance best practice across the province. Nurses are leaders of change and I believe that the SRNA is one of the organizations that will lead the change going into the future.


Member-at-Large (3-year term) – Region 7 (formerly Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region)


Joanne Petersen, RN

Tanya Gattinger, RN

I graduated from the Athabasca University Post LPN-BN Program in September 2018. I am currently employed as a Registered Nurse at the Wigmore Regional Hospital in Moose Jaw.

As a new RN, I value life-long learning and collaboration in nursing practice. As a member of the SRNA Council, my goal is to see firsthand how the collection, discussion and analysis of evidence-based practices lead to improved patient outcomes for the public we serve.

I am committed to the knowledge acquisition of and contribution to the processes that the SRNA must undertake to maintain our self-regulatory status.

My SRNA experiences will allow me to continue to strive for excellence and accountability in my own nursing interventions. I intend to develop my leadership skills so that I can convey my knowledge to my colleagues. With time, I aim to strengthen my risk identification processes to enhance the patient experience with health care and to identify current trends that impact patients and nurses.

Joanne Petersen, RN

Leah Thorp, RN

Nursing leadership can be seen at all levels of nursing professional practice; in clinical care, administration, research, and in our interactions every day. As a self-regulated professional, I want to give back to nursing by contributing to the SRNA as a Council member. As Registered Nurses, we strive for continuous learning and improvements to a quality system with caring practices for our patients and families at the center. This contributes to a healthy Saskatchewan population.  In my professional role as a perinatal nurse, I am a caring point-of-care nurse, a leader within perinatal care practice, a researcher who collaborates with a diverse team to explore issues and challenges, and an educator facilitating growth and expansion of knowledge, skills and behaviours. I became a registered member of the profession in 2001 and completed my Master of Nursing in 2016. Throughout the years, I have had the privilege to care for patients and families in medicine, critical care and in perinatal nursing. I have also been able to educate nursing students as a clinical instructor, a preceptor and as a mentor to new staff.

I want to expand the potential for nursing leadership within province, to ensure Registered Nurses continue to be an important and necessary part of an interprofessional team.

Nominations Committee (2-year term)


Joanne Petersen, RN

Caroline Bykowy, RN

I have been employed as a Registered Nurse in Saskatoon since 1997. Prior to that, I practiced as a licenced practical nurse (LPN) since 1983. The majority of my nursing experience has been in the acute setting at both Saskatoon City Hospital and Royal University Hospital, with additional practice at Saskatchewan Blue Cross as Program Coordinator of Health.

In 2013, I completed my parish nursing designation through the Lutheran Seminary at the University of Saskatchewan and presently managing a parish nursing program in Saskatoon.

I appreciate the positive and progressive impact the SRNA has on nursing and would like to offer my experience, knowledge and abilities to give back to the organization and our profession.

I volunteer in numerous activities, one of which is the secretary treasurer of the Parish Nurse Professional Practice Group.

Joanne Petersen, RN

Janette Egland, RN

I received my BScN from the University of Alberta Collaborative Program in 1999. I have worked in acute care, homecare and for the last 10 years as a public health nurse in southwest Saskatchewan.  I love to walk, read and travel with my family.  I became involved with the SRNA in 2010 as a Work Place Representative to help share what is happening with the SRNA in our rural area. I was also a Work Place Educator for several years. I enjoy being involved with the SRNA because it helps me learn what our professional association is doing with us and for us as Registered Nurses in Saskatchewan, as well as gaining awareness of emerging issues for Registered Nurses across Canada.

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