SRNA Council Election Nominees

President-Elect Nominee (two-year term)

Mary Ann Denton, RN (Saskatoon)

A Registered Nurse since 2001, Mary Ann Denton has experience in neuroscience, post-partum and neonatal intensive care. Denton identifies herself as a lifelong learner, as she completed her Nurse Practitioner Certificate in 2013 and worked in the Home First Program, utilizing her Heart Failure Certification with the America Association of Heart Failure Nurses. While the manager of Nursing Practice and Palliative Care in Home Care, she honed her leadership skills. She is passionate about teaching and evidenced-based practice, and accepted an instructor position at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in the Practical Nursing (PN) Program; now she is the Provincial Clinical Placement Coordinator for the PN program. She completed her Master of Nursing in August 2020. She has been involved in many research projects and has participated in regional, provincial and national committees. Denton believes that issues facing nursing today are dominated by the pandemic: safely practicing and public safety. She says that the President Elect will require strong leadership as Council works through the pandemic and anticipates new challenges.

President-Elect Nominee (two-year term)

Jarrett Kozusko, RN (Regina)

Jarrett Kozusko is a Registered Nurse with more than two decades of experience in pre-hospital, acute care and community health care positions. This includes seven years of experience in leadership positions with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and in private health care. Jarrett completed his Masters in Health Administration in 2020, advancing his knowledge and experience in health policy. He is also involved in applied research with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Jarrett Kozusko believes in continuous learning as nursing practice evolves to meet ever-changing needs of a complex workplace and patient/client dynamics. He is excited to be part of a collaborative team in developing and sharing strategies for advancement in nursing education, administration, policy and research to meet these changing dynamics. He believes an inclusive atmosphere for change is the key for success as “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller.

President-Elect Nominee (two-year term)

Marcia Levesque, RN (Pilot Butte)

Marcia Levesque, RN, BSN, is the Director of Care for Chateau St. Michael’s in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. In this position, Marcia is responsible for all aspects of nursing and personal care of the residents, including staff training and development, establishing care policies and procedures, overseeing the preparation and delivery of resident care plans, supervising resident programming and fostering effective resident/family relations.

Marcia earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Victoria, Health Care Administration certificate in Long-Term Care from the University of Saskatchewan and Perioperative Nursing certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Marcia has 23 years of diverse nursing experience spanning from acute care, home care, long-term care, rural and community health environments. Marcia was a school nurse for six years. She developed policy and procedures and taught health and wellness as well as working for SGI as a driver medical appraiser for the province of Saskatchewan.

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President-Elect Nominee (two-year term)

Moni Snell, NP (Regina)

Moni Snell began her nursing career in 1979 at the Regina General Hospital. For 39 of her 40 years as a registered nurse, Moni practiced as a staff nurse, nursing educator and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in the NICU. She continues after retiring a year ago to work casual as an NNP in NICU.

Moni has served on SRNA’s NP Advisory Committee and Discipline Committee for two terms and on Council this past year as a member-at-large for Advanced Practice Nursing. In 2019, she was honored to receive the Jean Browne Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice Leadership from the SRNA.

Moni believes that nurses need to adapt and grow with rapidly changing health care environments and that regulation of nursing practice for public safety is a vital and key role of a regulatory body. If elected, she is committed to serving on Council as processes are formalized for the move to a single mandate of regulation.

Member-at-Large Nominee (two-year term) – Region 2

Elyza Salesse, RN (Lebret)

Elyza Salesse began her nursing journey at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON in 2012. Throughout her education she focused on long-term care, geriatrics and psychology. She began as an emergency nurse in Wynyard Sk. While there, she learned from what she describes as an amazing team, with a focus on trauma nursing and says it was a fantastic experience overall. She calls labour and delivery her second adventure where she learned that every day she would change someone’s life for the better. She then followed her passion to long-term care and she now leads a long-term care team in Fort Qu’Appelle SK and positively impacts the lives of senior citizens each and every day as a manager and an SRNA Workplace Representative. Her objective as a member of Council is to better support and give insight from the long-term care nursing community.  She says that the SRNA will lead the change for future nursing and ensuring the best for patients.

As the sole candidate running for the position of Member-at-Large Nominee (two-year term) - Region 2, Elyza Salesse, RN, succeeds in obtaining this position by acclamation.


Member-at-Large Nominee (three-year term) – Region 4

Fred Entz, RN (Saskatoon)

Fred Entz received his nursing degree from the University of Regina and has been a RN for three years. He has practiced in rural and urban settings in Saskatchewan and currently practices in an acute-care oncology setting in Saskatoon.

As a nursing student, he was an active member of multiple student leadership organizations. He has also spearheaded a mentorship program for nurses in his workplace. Additionally, he has been a representative for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) on his ward and has served as the Chair for SUN’s Program Committee from 2019-2020.

He also served on SRNA Council by appointment since May 2020. He says his pragmatic, point-of-care perspective is a necessary and significant asset on SRNA Council as the organization continues to ensure public safety when accessing nursing care from RNs and NPs.

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Member-at-Large Nominee (three-year term) – Region 4

Mary Ellen Walker, RN (Saskatoon)

Mary Ellen Walker became a registered nurse in 2008. Her first position was at Wadena Union Hospital, and she has also worked in rural home care and rural community care. She now works as a Diabetes Nurse Clinician and a Tuberculosis Nurse Clinician in Saskatoon. Mary Ellen says she has a passion for nursing research, and she has been involved in research teams that have addressed a variety of health issues, including homelessness, child health and mental health interventions. She completed her PhD in 2020, and her research explored the influence of the political economy on health. During graduate school, she worked as a teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate level classes. She has volunteered internationally in South Korea, Tanzania and Peru. Mary Ellen believes that her experience in urban, rural, community and acute care nursing, as well as her background in research will position her to make a valuable contribution to the SRNA Council.

Member-at-Large Nominee (three-year term) – Nursing Practice Area: advanced practice nursing or direct care

Becky-Jo Campbell, NP (Ile-a-la-Crosse )

Becky-Jo Campbell is a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner who has worked in Northern Saskatchewan for the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) for the past 10 years. Overall, she has been a nurse for 22 years, which she says surprises her as she feels like she has only just begun.  She says that watching the nursing profession grow during this time has been exciting and she finds herself learning new things every day.

Becky-Jo’s experience in nursing has been in long-term care, medical-surgery, palliative care, home care - mostly in northern nursing roles. She says that nurses play a vital role in the health care system and she strongly supports the advancement of nursing practice and the role nurses play in advocating for patients and their families.

In addition, she says that every year she tells herself that she will get more involved in her profession, so she is looking forward this is the year as she steps out of her comfort zone by running for a seat on the SRNA Council.

Member-at-Large Nominee (three-year term) – Nursing Practice Area: advanced practice nursing or direct care

Monica Costa, RN (Regina)

Monica Costa has been an RN for almost five years and is currently a practicing nurse on the orthopaedic ward at the Regina General Hospital.

Monica was an active member of several organizations as a student and was chair for SEARCH – a community student-run clinic. She was also the chair for the International Council of Nurses Core Network Steering Group and attended several conferences to gain well-rounded nursing experiences. Following graduation, Monica’s commitment to the nursing profession motivated her to pursue a master’s degree in Professional Practice and she is expected to graduate this spring.

Monica believes that registered nurses play a crucial role in achieving health outcomes and their involvement in is integral to advancing the nursing profession. She is very excited for the opportunity to become Member-at-Large for the nursing practice area on the SRNA Council,  and for the opportunity to advocate for nursing professionals and patient safety.

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Member-at-Large Nominee (three-year term) – Nursing Practice Area: advanced practice nursing or direct care

Joelynne Radbourne, NP (Regina)

Joelynne Radbourne is a Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mother who has a passion for providing safe, ethical and family-centered care to the people of Saskatchewan.

Joelynne’s career began as a Registered Nurse in 2012 and in 2018 she completed her graduate degree as a Nurse Practitioner. As a, RN, she worked L&B, NICU and oncology. Her contributions have involved the creation of a family centered care (FCC) position.  The project was a lean initiative utilizing a Kaizen group to improve patient and family satisfaction during the birthing and postpartum experience. They determined areas of waste and work standards that impeded direct patient care; a FCC position was created and improved patient outcomes where achieved.

As an NP, she practice’s in primary care. Joelynne believes in a supportive provider-client rapport, through collaboration with an interdisciplinary approach. She hopes to support a team-based approach encompassing all designations LPN, RPN, RN and NP and says that a supportive learning environment to develop strengths, skills and knowledge is unfortunately under-provided.

Joleynne also participates in various community activities include volunteerism and organization of fundraisers within Saskatchewan.

Nominations Committee (two-year term)

Andriy Guravskyy, RN (Saskatoon)

Andriy Guravskyy graduated with a BScN from the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan and has worked as a Registered Nurse for two years in Saskatoon. He says that working in both public health and acute care has been a great opportunity to contribute to his growth and development as a new nurse. He has sought out opportunities to increase his collaboration with professionals from other interdisciplinary domains that work closely with nurses on the frontline to gain valuable experience and knowledge. He is motivated to continue serving Saskatchewan's people and advocating for positive client outcomes. Andriy believes his position with the SRNA will strengthen an already strong, collaborative team of nurses who also share a similar goal and passion.

As the sole candidate running for the position of Nominations Committee (two-year term),  Andriy Guravskyy, RN, succeeds in obtaining this position by acclamation.

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