To achieve its mandate of public safety, the SRNA communicates with its members, partners, and the public through a variety of mechanisms including its Annual Report, messages from the President and Executive Director, the News Bulletin, and news releases. While the SRNA has a duty to share information, it also welcomes public and member engagement.

President’s Message

An archive of current and past messages from the President of the SRNA.

The President’s Message is issued on an as needed basis and communicates important news about SRNA governance, provincial and national nursing initiatives, and key partnership developments. This message is distributed to all members of the SRNA.

From the Desk of the Executive Director

An archive of current and past messages from the Executive Director of the SRNA.

The Executive Director’s message is issued on an as needed basis and communicates operational updates and day-to-day news from the SRNA. This message is distributed to all members of the SRNA as and when key developments occur.

The Pulse

Welcome to our second edition of The Pulse, a magazine publication from the SRNA. This year's publication will focus on highlighting and sharing the stories of RNs and NPs who are using RN Specialty Practices (RNSP) within their practice and the positive impact they have on the care residents of Saskatchewan can receive.

News Bulletin

The News Bulletin is a publication of the SRNA available as a digital newsletter.

The SRNA News Bulletin informs members and health care partners about the organization's activities. The publication also provides information on current nursing profession trends, updates that may impact members' practice and opportunities become involved with the SRNA and other health care organizations.

The SRNA Heartbeat

The Heartbeat is the SRNA’s new quarterly digital digest developed for the public. The publication will be used to connect with the public, break down the work of the SRNA in a way that is digestible and easily understood, and communicate key events and news.

Annual Report & Financial Statements

The SRNA’s Annual Report and Financial Statements are delivered to association membership at the Annual Meeting in early May every year.

The SRNA’s Annual Report informs the public, members, government, employers and others about the previous year’s activities and outcomes, as well as the fiscal health of the organization. The association provides a summary of its financial statements in its Annual Report and posts the full statements on this website.

Media Releases

An archive of current and past media releases issued by the SRNA.

The SRNA issues media releases on an as needed basis about its Annual Meeting, major developments in the registered nursing profession, and when announcing new association work and partnerships.

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