Get Involved with an SRNA Committee

Each year, members of the public and SRNA members—RNs, NPs and RN(AAP)s—contribute time and expertise to more than a dozen SRNA committees that provide oversight to the SRNA’s work, helping advance registered nursing in Saskatchewan and delivering on our mandate of public protection. Committee composition of SRNA members and the public allows us to collectively come up with solutions to complex problems and ensure the interest of the public is always at the forefront. SRNA committees have become more and more necessary and important, as the SRNA’s work grows more complex, and the involvement of the public is integral to accurately represent the needs of the public.

You can make a difference by joining an SRNA committee. It is an opportunity for members of the public to contribute to registered nursing regulatory processes that protect client populations and the public. If you are considering getting involved, would like to express interest in a specific committee or find out more information about openings, email

The SRNA greatly appreciates the commitment, contribution, collaboration and leadership of everyone involved.

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