SRNA to Focus Solely on Regulation

Approximately one year ago, the SRNA Council made the decision to move to a single mandate with a sole focus on regulation. For more than 103 years the SRNA filled the roles of regulating registered nursing in Saskatchewan and promoting the profession through association work.  The transition to a single mandate will result in the SRNA focus being regulatory excellence for registered nursing in Saskatchewan and operating in the best interest of the public.

The SRNA Council also decided to support the grassroots movement to create an independent association for nursing in the province. This move to a separate association is a proactive approach in recognition of the need for a strong advocacy voice for the profession.

Discussions about the next steps in creating an independent association began during the SRNA virtual conference this fall. The focus of the conference was to provide the opportunity for participants to learn more about what the transition to a single mandate means, ask questions and take part in open conversations about what the next steps moving forward through this transition may look like. We were able to virtually connect with leaders and speakers from across the country and welcomed the public, partners and SRNA members to come together to listen, learn and take part in live sessions over a two-week period. By strengthening this important bridge between the public, policy makers and registered nurses, we will continue to strengthen registered nursing in Saskatchewan by joining our thoughts, ideas and efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Council’s decision to transition to a single mandate, we encourage you to watch this video created by SRNA Council members sharing the decision and the reasons behind it.

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