2021 License Renewal Closes on November 30

License renewals for 2021 are due on November 30, 2020. Annual license renewal is required to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and Registered Nurse with Additional Authorized Practice [RN(AAP)].

To complete the renewal form efficiently, each member should have:

  1. a username and password – Please note your password is case sensitive
  2. the number of hours worked in the 2020 registration year
  3. completed the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) for 2020
  4. employer and facility name
  5. credit card information
  6. login security question(s) and answer(s)

All members must renew their license within the renewal period (September 8, 2020 – November 30, 2020) – at any other time, this will be treated as a Status Change Request and will be subject to a re-instatement fee in addition to licensing fees. Please note, it may take up to four weeks to process your renewal application. Do not work until you have verified on Nurse Check that you are licensed for the 2021 registration year.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, appointments are for those needing assistance with renewal only and only one person can attend any given appointment time. Please call 306.359.4200 to book an appointment. If you have any question regarding the license renewal process, FAQs can be found here. The SRNA office is open by appointment only for those who need in-person assistance to complete their 2021 license renewal.



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