Bylaw Amendments

The SRNA encourages all members to attend the 2021 SRNA Annual Meeting. In addition to hearing updates on the business of the regulatory body in 2020, membership in attendance will have the chance to vote on the SRNA’s proposed bylaw amendments. The proposed bylaw amendments impact six of the existing 15 bylaws. Five of the bylaws SRNA proposes to amend are regulatory, and one is administrative in nature.

The administrative bylaw proposed amendments for Bylaw IX Council and Statutory Committees. Amendments to Section 1 makes it optional for Council to appoint an alternate to Council committees where previously it was mandatory.

The regulatory bylaws with proposed amendments focus on the following:

  • Bylaw IV Membership changes include wording that requires SRNA members to report criminal charges to the SRNA Registrar as soon as is reasonably practical; while the remaining changes reflect removal of a subsection that is deemed not to be applicable, renumbering of other subsections, and terminology updates.
  • Bylaw V Registration changes provide clarity for readers on the requirements for maintaining eligibility for registration.
  • Bylaw VI Categories of Practice changes describe NP practice related to screening and diagnostic testing and medical imaging, while the remaining changes are related to terminology updates.
  • Bylaw VIII Examinations changes reflect removal of a subsection regarding the NCLEX®-RN exam that is no longer applicable, and the inclusion of an additional exam for Neonatal NPs that will assist in removing barriers to licensing.
  • Bylaw XV changes reflect housekeeping updates to documents that have been previously incorporated by reference into the bylaws.

Please review the Proposed Bylaw Amendment package and the recording of the April 21, 2021 webinar on the topic, hosted by President-Elect Frankie Verville, for further clarification and to seek answers to any questions you may have.

If you have any questions regarding the bylaws and the amendments proposed, please contact SRNA Nursing Advisor, Donna Marin, RN via email at

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