In addition to Council and Nominations Committee voting and resolutions, membership in attendance at the 2020 Annual Meeting will have the chance to vote on the SRNA’s proposed bylaw amendments. The proposed bylaw amendments impact seven of the existing 15 bylaws. Four of the bylaws SRNA proposes to amend are regulatory, and three are administrative in nature.

The administrative bylaws:

  • Bylaw I - Council of the Association and Bylaw II - Elections contain proposed amendment changes that removes a subsection due to the transition to new electoral regions, renumbers subsections based on the removal, and proposes wording changes to offer clarity and simplicity. Wording also honours the electoral terms of incumbent Council members, which decreases turnover and promotes consistency; and
  • Bylaw VII - Proposed changes improve clarity around registration year and fees associated with licensure.

The regulatory bylaws:

  • Bylaw IV - Membership contains proposed amendments to improve accuracy and clarity of language regarding membership obligations and status;
  • Bylaw VI - Categories of Practice proposed changes are focused on aligning the wording that guides Nurse Practitioner (NP) scope of practice and provides greater clarity and accuracy on NP initial licensing requirements;
  • Bylaw VIII - Examinations highlights changes to Pediatric NP specialty examinations; and
  • Bylaw XV - Standards, Competencies and Nursing Education Program Approval proposed amendments focus on changes to the requirements for program approval, and the adoption of RN Practice Standards and RN Entry-level Competencies, 2019.

Please review the Proposed Bylaw Amendment package and attend our webinar on April 8, 2020 for further clarification and to seek answers to any questions you may have. Legislation and Bylaws Committee Chair, Betty Metzler, will review the proposed bylaws at the webinar and will provide an avenue to ask questions.

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