Opportunities for RNs to be Involved with PPGs

Members of the SRNA have the opportunity to create and be a part of various member groups, also known as Professional Practice Groups (PPG). Each current active group provides further access to a community in a specialized area of nursing. Member groups support the standards and competencies of RNs, NPs and RN(AAP)s to build expertise in the nursing profession, promote quality work environments, and provide socialization and mentorship opportunities for members and nursing students. They allow you to connect with others who practice in your specialty or share a passion for a specific area of nursing, strengthen your knowledge in your practice and attend conferences and virtual webinars to encourage continuous education. Member groups may also provide the potential for access and affiliation to national associations.

Currently there are 10 active member groups, each of which are always looking for and interested in having additional members join. These groups can be found on the SRNA’s web page, with contact information for each individual group available within their group description. If you are interested in joining a group but are unsure of which one is the right fit for you or are interested in creating a group of your own, please contact links@srna.org.


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