National Nursing Week

#WeAnswerTheCall is the theme for this year’s National Nursing Week, but it is also the theme for the profession of nursing each and every day. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has watched as health care professionals have answered the call to action, the call to serve and care for the public on the front lines of an unexpected pandemic. The truth of the matter is, these individuals were answering the call long before the Covid-19 pandemic, and they will continue to do so long after it has ended.

The SRNA would like to thank every nurse in the province of Saskatchewan for the dedication you have to your profession, for your passion in providing the best care to the residents of our province, for your selflessness and for the sacrifices you have made over the last year and beyond. As vital members of the primary line of defense against the Covid-19 virus, as well as all other ailments and diseases, we thank you for continuing to answer the call.

You are invited to attend a Webinar Wednesday session on May 12, 2021 that will include a panel of nurses sharing their stories of ways they’ve answered the call throughout their career. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other Saskatchewan nurses. The SRNA will also be sending out an email on May 10, 2021 with information on how we’ll be celebrating you this year and ways you can take part. To stay informed on all National Nursing Week activities and more, you are also invited to join the SRNA Members Facebook group.

The SRNA recognizes the importance of ongoing education to support nurses to have the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to answer the call. We want to draw your awareness to the Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation (SNF) as they have announced their latest application dates of May 31 and September 30. RNs can apply for bursaries for advanced degrees and for other educational activities (ie CNA certification, clinical courses, or professional development conferences). Visit the Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation website for details and forms.

Once again, thank you for all that you do.

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