New Document Round-Up

As an important part of the health care team, registered nurses (RN)s have a unique role. We are held accountable and responsible for making decisions that are consistent with safe, competent and ethical practice, and the SRNA aims to support members in all areas of practice. In addition to the new RN Entry-Level Competencies and new RN Practice Standards, the SRNA team has been diligently working to produce updated toolkits and other resource documents to ensure RNs are properly equipped to practice throughout Saskatchewan. The three newly updated documents—Toolkit for Managers of RNs, Resolving Professional Practice Issues: A Toolkit for Registered Nurses, SRNA 2019 and the Clinical Decision Tools (CDTs) for RNs with Additional Authorized Practice—all aim to support RN practice and RN practice environments while using the minimum regulatory force required to achieve the desired result.

Although all members will not need to access these three documents each day, it is important that you review these documents and understand their use within your practice. Review these and other resource documents on

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