NP Bylaws

In early 2020, the SRNA proposed bylaw amendments to Council and members for feedback prior to presenting the package to the Ministry of Health for approval. Specifically, the amendments in Bylaw VI, Section 3 Nurse Practitioner Category, Subsection 3 (b) and (d), focused on removing the lists of screening and diagnostic tests and minor surgical and invasive procedures, and replacing the lists with language more aligned with a principle-based approach to determining NP scope of practice.

During a second round of consultation with the Ministry of Health following the SRNA annual meeting, it was determined that these specific proposed amendments were not aligned closely enough with the requirements in current legislation in The Registered Nurses Act, 1988. Section 15(2) outlines that the SRNA Bylaws must include language where the types of screening and diagnostic tests and minor surgical and invasive procedures must be designated.

To ensure that the remaining bylaws had the highest probability of success, the SRNA voluntarily withdrew these NP-related bylaws from the Ministry package. We are currently working diligently to ensure that the revisions are made in an effort to have them passed when brought forward in the future. The SRNA will be conducting targeted and broad consultation with a variety of stakeholders including members of our NP designation to ensure varying perspectives are represented in the creation of these amendments. As members, you will receive further communication from the SRNA regarding consultation in the new year.

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