Update on Documents

In the fall of 2020, two new documents, the SRNA Guideline for Prescribing Medication and RNs Recommending and Administering Over-the-Counter Medications, were created and shared with the public, partners and members to seek feedback on the content as part of the external consultation process.

After receiving feedback and incorporating where applicable, the documents have been through the remaining steps of the SRNA document development process and were approved by Council in November of 2020. These documents are new, and we encourage all SRNA members to read them and identify how they may affect individual practice.

Additionally, the SRNA has recently revised multiple documents. In February 2021, revisions to the Documentation Guideline, and the Self-Employed Practice Guideline were approved by Council. The SRNA has also created and published a revision to a previous document, 24 Hour Registered Nurse Coverage position statement. With the recent transition to a single mandate, the SRNA Council has made the decision to discontinue the use of position statements and thus, has replaced the previously listed document with an updated document, 24 Hour RN Coverage in Special-Care Homes, that recognizes RNs as one health care provider within the larger health system with many factors that lead to better outcomes for residents.

Once again, the SRNA invites members to review these documents and consider how they may relate to your practice.

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