Update on SRNA Resolutions

Due to the current circumstances, the SRNA did not accept any resolutions from the floor at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting; however, at the 2019 SRNA Annual Meeting in Saskatoon, four resolutions were submitted and carried by membership. Of those four resolutions, three are considered resolved.

Resolution #1:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the SRNA publicly and to government (Saskatchewan), promote and support universal medical coverage of the medical abortion pill, Mifegymiso.


This resolution has been resolved by the Government of Saskatchewan. No further action required by SRNA Council.

Resolution #2:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT SRNA Bylaw 5 Section 3 and Bylaw 6 Sections 1-3 be amended to support members on Parental leave through waiving a portion of the leave as counting toward maintaining eligibility for registration as a RN or NP in all the categories of practice.

WHERE AS The Saskatchewan Employment Act has been amended for maternity and adoption leave options extended to 19 weeks.

WHERE AS Saskatchewan parental leave has been extended from 34 to a maximum of 59 weeks for new mothers with the maximum leave to 78 weeks, or 18 months.

WHERE AS The nursing professional is comprised predominately by women who enter their careers in child bearing years, and our increasing number of male nurses, should be afforded, and not penalized, in caring for their children and families.

  • Demonstrating a commitment to membership
  • Supporting family values
  • Reducing family stress
  • Increasing retention of RNs and NPs


Resolution will be considered in the larger context of continuing competence and practice hours.

Resolution #3:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the SRNA remove the option included in the annual registration process for RNs and NPs, where members can choose not to receive mailings about research and educational opportunities. Option as stated in registration form. In order to advance the knowledge-based discipline of nursing, SRNA may conduct research, or may facilitate the work of external researchers and/or providers of educational opportunities. Personal information is never disclosed by SRNA to such parties and a member’s participation is voluntary.

☒ If you do not wish to receive this type of mailing, please check here.

The ability to choose not to receive mailings conflicts with Standards and Foundation Competencies for the practice of Registered Nurses. As stated in.


This resolution is resolved with the implementation of the new member portal. There is no longer the option to “opt out”.

Resolution #4:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the SRNA take concrete and measurable steps to increase engagement with registered nursing students, and novice nurses.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the SRNA directly liaise with nursing students and novice nurses to further define and refine a sustainable model for this engagement work into the future.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the SRNA work with novice nurses to define parameters for a working definition of novice nurse.


Work continues on this resolution, including meeting with nursing student groups, speaking at the Saskatoon Nursing Students’ Society and the Saskatoon Nursing Students’ Association’s joint Nursing Formal 2020 in early January, attending the CNSA Western Prairie Regional Conference in the fall of 2019, supporting students to attend the CNSA conference in January 2020, and inviting novice nurses to join TimedRight.

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