Voting for Council Positions

Nominations for the open Council positions closed January 25, 2021. As the SRNA continues to grow and move forward, our members are very fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for future Council positions starting on February 25, 2021. The process and requirements for online voting, along with profiles of all candidates, can be viewed on the SRNA Council Election webpage.

The SRNA has received nominations from multiple qualified candidates. In addition to reviewing the voting process, the SRNA encourages all members to also take the time to acquire the information required to make an informed decision when voting. The SRNA will be hosting webinars as a part of an "Engaging in Your Profession Series" that will allow members the chance to get to know the candidates for the Member-at-Large positions, the President-Elect position and the nominees for the Nominations Committee. More information on these webinars and how to register and attend, can be found on the events page on the SRNA website.

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