Susanne Nicolay, RN shares the story of the Wellness Wheel Medical Clinic's journey from commencement to now, highlighting the RNSPs in place that allow her and her fellow nurse colleagues to provide essential mobile care to remote areas in Saskatchewan.

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Tracey Steel, RN shares the extensive behind-the-scenes training and teamwork that goes into making STARS the critical care transport team Western Canada counts on to provide life-saving transport from rural and remote locations to urban centers, and the RNSPs that allow nurses to be integral members of the team.

Coming August 24

Carmen Chalupiak, RN and Donna Morgan, RN share their journey as nurses on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and members of the NICU Transport Team, providing life-saving care and transportation to the most vulnerable of patients in Saskatchewan. The two women share the latest RNSP project they've launched to expand and optimize the scope of practice for those on the unit and the Transport Team.

Coming September 8

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