Leah is a nine-year-old in grade three, if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, without skipping a beat, she will reply, “I want to become a nurse!” Gartner’s choice is not solely based on her caring demeanor but from spending the majority of her last few years in the hospital.

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Lacey Robbins is looking forward to following her passion and beginning her career in nursing when she starts with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Regina this coming fall.

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From an early age, Shelby Luchsinger knew she would pursue a career that enabled her to empower others to overcome the inevitable barriers presented by life. Now, close to the end of her studies, she shared her takeaways from her experience in the nursing program and lessons learned for aspiring students.

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Being in the first few years of one’s nursing career, a new nurse has a lot to learn and a lot to teach. Out of school and ready to take on the profession, Mesel Teklemarian shares his insights on his first few months of being an RN.

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Don Morales has been working as an RN in Canada since 2011. As an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN), Don shared his unique experience and learnings from his career thus far.

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Valerie McLeod has been a practicing registered nurse since 2006. Having practiced in many different domains, she reflects on her ability to continuously expand her nursing skills to provide traditional care for her family and community.

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Carrie Garpidy always had an interest in health and healing, so when she entered the nursing profession 26 years ago, she knew she had found her calling. With nearly two decades of experience, she shared her biggest takeaways from working in this ever-changing profession.

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For 45 years, Dr. Lois Berry has lived her vocation as an RN in Saskatchewan. As she approaches retirement, she reflected on her eventful career serving her community.

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Having recently retired from a 40-year career as an RN, Patricia Taciuk reflected on her career and provided advice for those entering the profession.

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