Lacey Robbins: Future Nurse

Lacey Robbins is looking forward to following her passion and beginning her career in nursing when she starts the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) in Regina.

As the proud daughter of an RN, Lacey Robbins knew from a young age the career she wanted to pursue. “I was inspired by my mom, and how willing she is to help everyone around her,” said Robbins. “From a young age, I’ve wanted to be just like my momma because she is dedicated and caring, which makes her an amazing nurse.”

Now 18 and passionately waiting to begin her studies with the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) in Regina, Robbins reflected on the reasons nursing is still the career for her: “I chose the nursing program because I love helping people, especially in a hospital environment. I’ve always been very motivated to help those around me when they’re hurt, and if I want to expand my career in health care, a nursing degree is the perfect choice,” said an enthusiastic Robbins. “I have worked extremely hard in order to make it into the nursing program, and I am extremely thrilled to be able to pursue a career that I already love,” concluded Robbins.

“Nurses are amazing because they put their job first, all the time. They use their knowledge of patient care in their daily lives, and even outside the hospital they are always willing to help out. Whenever I’ve been injured or in the hospital, the nurses I’ve interacted with have been so caring and fully invested in my wellbeing.” Lacey Robbins

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