Leah Gartner: Youth

Leah Gartner is a young aspiring nurse who has had a unique experience with nurses.

Leah Gartner

Leah Gartner is a nine-year-old in grade three, and if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, without skipping a beat, she will reply with, “I want to become a nurse!” Gartner’s profession of choice is not solely based on her caring demeanor but from spending the majority of her last few years in the hospital. “I want to become a nurse because when I was very sick in hospital, I met so many nurses who cared for me and wanted me to get better,” said Gartner.

“Nurses are great because they care about you and they treated me like I was special,” recounted Gartner. “When I was sick, they sat with me when I cried and sometimes, they cried, too. When I go for my treatments my nurse always tells me what she is going to do before she does it and that helps me not to be so scared. They are always kind and spend lots of time with me asking me about how I’m doing in school.

I had one nurse while I was admitted into the hospital who would sing the song from Frozen to me when I had to get a needle to help me feel better. And a different nurse always cuddled me when I cried or was scared.” It is clear that this young lady has been positively impacted by the important work of nurses, but also by the ways RNs take care to the next level.

Gartner concluded her interview with this sweet thought: “If you are like me and have to go to the hospital a lot, it feels like all the nurses become part of my family and that feels nice.”

“Nurses are great because they care about you and they treated me like I was special.” Leah Gartner

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