SRNA Annual Meeting & Conference

Open to the public and SRNA partners, the association holds its Annual Meeting and Conference every May.

At the Annual Meeting, the SRNA President and Executive Director deliver their annual reports; and members vote on resolutions brought forward by their peers through the resolution process or from the floor, as well as any bylaws presented by council. The Conference allows nursing leaders to share emerging knowledge and engage those in attendance in a dialogue on important nursing issues facing the province.

2020 Annual Meeting & Conference

Join us for our inaugural virtual conference, September 28-October 9, as we work together to strengthen the pillars of nursing by moving towards a single mandate and support the establishment of an independent association.

SRNA Sponsorship & Exhibition Package

We welcome partnerships with organizations wishing to raise their profile and who want to acknowledge the contributions of registered nursing in Saskatchewan.

SRNA Resolutions

Resolutions are the process SRNA members use to provide input on issues facing the profession or on initiatives the SRNA can be involved.

As a member-driven association, your input on SRNA’s initiatives and your perspectives on issues are essential to helping advance, innovate and optimize our profession. Resolutions are an important tool that help shape our focus.

SRNA Council & Nominations Committee Election

SRNA Members elect their peers to the association’s Council annually through an online voting process in the month leading up to the Annual Meeting.

Elections for SRNA Council Member positions are staggered so that a few positions come up every year. Any SRNA member can run for election to council as long as they meet the requirements for the position they seek.  Following the election, newly elected members are announced at the Annual Meeting.

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