2020 Annual Meeting & Conference,
May 6 & 7, Regina, SK

Conference Theme
Voices in Action: A Time for Resilience & Reinvention

During this time of change and transition in health care, it is clear that there is a need for a strong voice in registered nursing. It is a time for visionary leadership and working together to ensure the profession of registered nursing is clearly expressing and interpreting the needs and views of registered nurses with an ultimate focus on benefiting our communities. By strengthening this important bridge between the public, policy makers and registered nurses, we will develop a common goal and vision for the profession of registered nursing, provide a strong voice for registered nursing in Saskatchewan by joining our thoughts, ideas and efforts and give more power and credibility to the profession. Join us in Regina on May 6 and 7 as we work together during this time of historical transition to strengthen the pillars of nursing by moving towards a single mandate and support the establishment of an independent association.

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