Awards of Excellence

Every year the SRNA recognizes RNs and RN(NP)s, and members of the public who have made outstanding contributions to the practice of registered nursing.

There are five categories of SRNA Awards of Excellence. The awards are open to SRNA members who are Registered Nurses, Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioners) or unless otherwise specified in the award criteria. The term RN used throughout this brochure also applies to RN(NP)s.

  1. Life Membership
  2. Honorary Membership
  3. Memorial Book
  4. Awards of Excellence
  5. Ruth Hicks Award for Student Leadership

SRNA Awards of Excellence Information & Nomination Package-Deadline for Awards of Excellence has Passed for 2018

If you have questions, please contact or 1-800-667-9945 or in Regina, 306-359-4200.

*Members of SRNA Council, for the duration of their term in office, and SRNA staff, for the duration of their employment with the SRNA, cannot be nominated for a SRNA award or nominate or provide a letter of support for a nominee.

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