SRNA Awards

The SRNA celebrates the work of its members and non-members who have contributed to improving and advancing the health of the people of Saskatchewan and the registered nursing profession.

  1. SRNA Life Membership is the SRNAs most prestigious award. It is granted by the Council in accordance with Bylaw IV - Membership (SRNA Bylaws) to an individual in recognition of outstanding service to registered nursing in Saskatchewan.
  2. SRNA Honorary Membership is awarded to a “non-nurse or a nurse registered outside of Saskatchewan, and is granted by the Council in recognition of distinguished service to the registered nursing profession or for valuable assistance to registered nursing in Saskatchewan.” (SRNA Bylaws).
  3. SRNA Memorial Book is a historical record established to honour deceased SRNA members who, during their career, provided exemplary service to the nursing profession and to health care for the people of Saskatchewan. The book is located at the SRNA office in Regina. Any Saskatchewan RN inducted into the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Memorial Book will also be inducted into the SRNA Memorial Book.

If you’re interested in submitting a nomination for an SRNA Award, please contact

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