New RN Entry-Level Competencies and RN Practice Standards

The review of the Standards and Foundation Competencies for the Practice of Registered Nurses, 2013 began in 2017 with the SRNA collaborating with the Canadian Council of Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) to update the national Registered Nurse Entry-Level Competencies (ELCs). This process has been used for many years to harmonize registered nursing entry-level education in Canada. The SRNA surveyed members to review the first draft in the spring of 2018 and worked with RNs and the public through consultations to review the next draft in the fall. In December 2018, CCRNR approved the proposed ELCs for RNs.

The last round of surveying and focus groups, held in February 2019, introduced the new document along with updated RN Standards. The document included two sections—RN Standards with indicators and ELCs. Feedback provided through the survey and in person consultations resulted in important revisions that strengthen the clarity and intent of the expectations of registered nursing practice. Most notably, the feedback informed the separation of the content into two resources, and solidified the final versions being put forth for SRNA Council consideration and approval. The Council approved documents will be put forth at the 2019 Annual Meeting for member approval.

Member involvement in the SRNA’s policy and document development process is integral to our mission, and offers important insight in the past, present and future of our profession.


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