SRNA Conference 2019

The landscape of health and nursing care in Saskatchewan is constantly evolving, and the expectations of the public for registered nurses have remained solidly focused on the expert care we provide. We are proud of the reputation registered nursing has in Saskatchewan and look forward to solidifying our place in health care with you, our members.

Our 2019 conference theme is “Character, Compassion & Conviction: What’s Your Legacy?” and it will take place April 30 to May 2 in Saskatoon. Throughout the three days, we will discuss the impact and the legacy all nurses have on their profession. This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow nurses and the public, inspiring leadership, collaboration, communication and education in your practice. More than just a conference, it’s a place where direct care nurses, nursing leaders, innovators and people who make things happen will gather to learn about the latest trends in nursing and share the secrets to success in providing the best possible care to those we serve. You’ll be motivated to think about the impact you are making in the lives of the people you encounter, and to define the legacy you want to create.

Our keynote speakers, concurrent sessions and workshops will all touch on the various aspects of legacy building, from legal risk management for nurses practicing in mental health environments to a photographic ethnographer’s real-life experience and documentary of nurses in different domains of practice and the positive impact they have on their patients’ lives.

With exceptional character, incomparable conviction and compassionate leadership, we will collectively build a legacy in registered nursing for now and the future. Register now.

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