SRNA Members Vote to Pass Bylaw Expanding RN(NP) Scope of Practice as a Response to the Opioid Crisis

Saskatchewan’s RNs, RN(NP)s and RN(AAP)s are leading the way by embracing an innovative response to the national opioid crisis.

On May 3, SRNA members voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bylaw that will advance RN(NP) scope of practice by enabling them to prescribe drug therapeutics as a treatment option for opioid use disorder and methadone for pain, especially palliation.

This bylaw was carefully developed after broad consultation with a multitude of key stakeholders and was presented to members at the SRNA’s Annual Meeting. Increasing province-wide patient access to these drug therapeutics was the key motivation for this advancement of RN(NP) scope of practice.

This was a crucial step and now work has begun to assemble an interprofessional team of experts that will collaborate with SRNA staff to finalize a council policy that fully defines the educational, practicum, monitoring and audit requirements associated with this change. Once this council policy has been fully developed and the necessary approval from the Minister of Health has been granted, RN(NP) prescribing of drug therapeutics for opioid use disorder and methadone for pain management will begin.

For more information about this bylaw, please contact Nursing Advisors Donna Cooke at | 306.359.4202 or Donna Marin at | 306.359.4237

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