Opportunities to Participate

Member participation on SRNA committees is essential for effective profession-led regulation of registered nurses in Saskatchewan. According to Nominations Committee Chair, Linda Wasko-Lacey, being a SRNA committee member provides the "opportunity to engage with a diverse group of RNs and public representatives committed to the work of the SRNA."

Lorrie Harrison, RN shared, “I became a SRNA committee member because I wanted to actively contribute to our profession, with a solution-focused attitude.” If you would also like to contribute to the profession in a new way, we encourage you to consider being a part of one of the following committees.

SRNA Internal Committees

Discipline Committee: 5-year term

In this role, you could be selected as a panel member for a discipline hearing. Discipline hearings may be three days in length so the ability to be away from home and work for that length of time is an important consideration.

Nursing Education Program Approval Committee (NEPAC): 3-year term

As a NEPAC member, you will participate in the review and approval process of nursing education programs in Saskatchewan which lead to licensure as an RN, RN(AAP) or RN(NP). The time commitment for this committee is on average 72 hours a year for preparation and meetings.

Registration and Membership Committee: 3-year term

As a member of this committee, you work with the Registrar and other regulatory services staff to advise on registration policies. You can expect approximately 25 hours of work with this committee per year.

SRNA External Committees

In addition to SRNA-led committees, the SRNA is often asked to appoint a member to contribute their nursing expertise to other organizations. The following external opportunities are currently available:

  • Nurse Practitioner Program Advisory Committee
  • College of Nursing Graduate Studies Committee
  • Nursing Re-entry Program Advisory Committee
  • Orientation to Nursing in Canada for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN)s Program Advisory Committee
  • Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Program Advisory Committee
  • Occupational Health Nursing Program Advisory Committee

To express interest in any of these committees, please email links@srna.org with your name and the name of the committee(s) you are interested in. You can expect a follow up email within 24 hours.

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