Update on the development of new RN Entry Level Competencies

Thank you to those who contributed feedback on the first draft of the new RN Entry Level Competencies (ELCs) through the survey earlier this year.

There were more than 250 responses received in total with a 48 per cent completion rate. Registered nursing practice is dynamic and evolving and the ELCs serve to establish the foundation for the novice to expert continuum. The principles outlined in the ELCs are integral to registered nursing practice and the application of these principles is an expectation of all registered nurses (RNs) throughout their careers.

The feedback received from RNs across Canada has been incorporated into a final draft of the ELCs by the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR)’s working group. In late September there will be an opportunity for members, the public and other health system partners to comment on the final draft through a national survey.

The ELCs are revised every five years through the Jurisdictional Collaborative Process (JCP) to ensure inter-jurisdictional consistency and practice relevance. The working group responsible for the review initiation in 2017 is comprised of 11 jurisdictions representing registered nurse regulators in Canada and includes two SRNA staff members as contributors.

To learn more about ELCs or the Jurisdictional Collaborative Process, visit CCRNR’s website.

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