Expanding Your RN Role

Currently 114 registered nurses with additional authorized practice (RN(AAP)s) are serving Saskatchewan’s northern population, practising in primary care settings.

Since the introduction of this designation in 2016, RN(AAP)s have been using their expanded scope to diagnose and treat clients with limited common medical disorders as guided by the evidence-based Clinical Decision Tools (CDTs).

On April 30, 2018, the SRNA ended the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) process, which previously allowed RNs to earn eligibility for the RN(AAP) designation based on an application and assessment process. Going forward, any RN seeking the expanded role of additional authorized practice must:

  • Hold a licence in good standing with the SRNA
  • Successfully complete approved RN(AAP) courses
  • Submit an application for licensure

If you interested in additional authorized practice, approved RN(AAP) courses are offered through Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

For more information the RN(AAP) courses, visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic website or email cnpp@saskpolytech.ca

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