NP License Renewal

This section is for you if you intend to renew your NP licence to practice in Saskatchewan.

SRNA Application Requirements

To renew a practising NP licence you must renew your practising RN licence before you start your NP renewal process.

You must have completed one option in the last three years:

Option 1: Graduated from an approved nurse practitioner education program.

Option2: Worked a minimum of 900 hours of NP practice, 600 hours must be clinical nursing practice.

Option 3: Completed an approved nurse practitioner nursing re-entry program. If you have completed a nursing re-entry program within the last three years have the transcript forwarded by the nursing program directly to our office.

Application Process

  • Complete your RN renewal
  • Calculate your NP hours for the previous practice year (Dec 1 to Nov 30).
  • Follow the prompts to complete your NP Renewal after you have completed your RN renewal.

If you have changed employers:

If you last practiced as an NP outside of Saskatchewan:

After a 2 years absence from a practising NP licensure applicants must submit: 

In addition, if you have not worked in Saskatchewan for five years or more but have practiced as a NP in another jurisdiction: 


SRNA Practice Hour Audit

The SRNA has a legislative responsibility to ensure that practicing members meet the hourly bylaw requirement.

Regulations and entry requirements are subject to bylaw and policy changes.

If you have questions, contact

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