Workplace Representative Program

The main role of a Workplace Representative is to be a communication person between the SRNA and RNs, NPs and RN(AAP)s.This includes communication for the SRNA to hear from members about nursing and health care issues, and for members to keep informed about the SRNA, nursing, health care and other issues that are within the mandate of the SRNA.

What do representatives do?

  • They circulate the information that the SRNA sends out by mail about 2-3 times per year to their RN,  NP and RN(AAP) colleagues.
  • Representatives can post this information on a bulletin board at work or leave it in the coffee room for staff to read during their breaks.
  • The SRNA also sends emails on upcoming events, health care and nursing issues alerts which representatives then forward to RNs or NPs who would like this information.
  • Representatives also relay any questions, concerns from their colleagues to SRNA staff for further discussion.

What are some opportunities for representatives?

  • Occasionally the SRNA will ask for volunteers to participate in focus groups held by staff, meet with Council to give feedback on Ends or health care issues, or give feedback to the SRNA staff on documents that they are developing.
  • The SRNA Nominations Committee may contact workplace representatives to gauge their interest in standing as a candidate for SRNA Council or the Nominations Committee.
  • Can volunteer to represent the SRNA at education events or at school fairs. The SRNA will pay an honorarium and cover expenses for some activities.
  • Take part in leadership training activities that are sponsored by the SRNA.
  • Participation in these activities is optional and is not required to be involved with the Representative program.

What are some perks for being a workplace representative?

  • The SRNA provides an annual education day in the fall for representatives to learn about the resources and services of the SRNA. An honorarium and expenses are covered to attend this event. Registration is limited so be sure to apply early. Attendance is optional.
  • Representatives can also apply for an education grant of $250 to use to attend SRNA or other nursing or health care related education events. Funding is limited and is on a first come first served basis for this program.
  • The SRNA also provides opportunities for representatives to participate in contests with prizes of paid registration or expense coverage to attend conferences.
  • Workplace representatives can also apply for an annual National Nursing Week Kit that is for National Nursing Week in May. The kit contains a poster, list of suggested activities for NNW and promotional items to raffle or give away.

How do I join?

Download the application:  Workplace Representative Information & Application Form

For more information contact:

Terri Belcourt, RN: Nursing Advisor, Learning & Engagement

Phone: Regina: (306) 359‐4214 Toll free: 1‐800‐667‐9945 ext 214


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