Nursing Practice Updates

Updates focus on changes to legislation, SRNA bylaws, and the introduction of new standards and guidelines.


Feedback – Common Medical Disorders

The SRNA, in collaboration with a number of RN(NP)s, including members of the SRNA RN(NP) Advisory Working Group and other health system partners is undertaking a review and update of existing SRNA Council Policy – Interpretation of Common Medical Disorders, 2005. The new draft, SRNA Council Policy – Interpretation of Common Medical Disorders, 2018, is now in the final consultation stage prior to its submission to the SRNA Council for approval in late August.

The SRNA is seeking the following feedback on this draft Council Policy:

  • Is this draft understandable?
  • Is this draft applicable to the practice of RN(NP)s in Saskatchewan?
  • Any recommended edits and/or additions to this draft?

Please provide electronic feedback to Donna Marin and/or Donna Cooke by Wed. July 25 at 4:30 pm.


Bylaws – Drug Therapeutics for Opioid Use Disorder and Methadone for Pain

Following the passing of the bylaw at the Annual Meeting on May 3, 2018, SRNA staff are now working with an interdisciplinary advisory group to develop council policy that will fully define the necessary educational, practicum, monitoring and audit requirements. RN(NP)s will begin prescribing once the council policy is complete and the necessary approval from the Minister of Health has been granted. Additional updates will become available in fall 2018. For more information, read the article from the SRNA May News Bulletin.


Prescribing Authority – Medical Cannabis and Contrast Dye

Currently Saskatchewan RN(NP)s cannot prescribe medical cannabis or contrast dye. This fall, SRNA staff will begin an environmental scan to inform SRNA Council of other Canadian jurisdictions that have, or are working on, this prescribing authority. If you are interested in informing this work, please contact Nursing Advisor, Donna Cooke at | 306-359-4202

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