Nursing Practice Updates

SRNA Members can count on the SRNA to provide up-to-date news about anything that has an impact on the practice of nursing in Saskatchewan. This includes changes to legislation, updates to SRNA bylaws, and the introduction of new standards and guidelines.

RN(NP)s Receive Authority to Complete Medical Certificates of Death in Saskatchewan

The SRNA would like to inform key stakeholders that Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioners) have been given legislative authority by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and regulatory authority through the SRNA to complete Medical Certificate of Death and registration of stillbirth. Please visit Queen’s printer to review amendments to The Vital Statistic Act and The Vital Statistics Regulations on their web site 

The SRNA and RN(NP)s would like to thank key partners; Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, eHealth, Office of the Chief Coroner, Canadian Nurses Protective Society and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan for working in collaboration to amend this provincial legislation and provide education for the RN(NP)s. It is through these meaningful organizational partnerships and the work of RN(NP)s across the province that we are able to make continuous improvements in the care of Saskatchewan families.

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