Feedback – Common Medical Disorders

The SRNA, in collaboration with a number of RN(NP)s, including members of the SRNA RN(NP) Advisory Working Group and other health system partners is undertaking a review and update of existing SRNA Council Policy – Interpretation of Common Medical Disorders, 2005. The new draft, SRNA Council Policy – Interpretation of Common Medical Disorders, 2018, is now in the final consultation stage prior to its submission to the SRNA Council for approval in late August.

The SRNA is seeking the following feedback on this draft Council Policy:

  • Is this draft understandable?
  • Is this draft applicable to the practice of RN(NP)s in Saskatchewan?
  • Any recommended edits and/or additions to this draft?

Please provide electronic feedback to Donna Marin and/or Donna Cooke by Wed. July 25 at 4:30 pm.

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